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Eng. Abdul-Aziz A. Al-Oraij
Cell: +966505274793 · Fax: +96614563001 ·
  • Nationality: Saudi.
  • Born: 1976.
  • Married with 3 Kids.
  • Muslim.
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  • My LinkedIn :

  • Experience King Saud University
    Sep 2009 - Now Portal Riyadh
    KSU Portal and E-Services Department Director (ETC)
    Bringing Google-style working environment atmosphere into the department.
    Revolutionized the trend of making websites within KSU, bringing Web 2.0 soul into current/new eServices.
    Integrated end users into the core of KSU's main website.
    Implemented KSU's 1st *nix hosting environment.
    Created KSU's 1st news portal, video portal and unique eServices.
    Unified access to all eServices with single sign in (AKA SSO).
      Riyadh College of Technology
    Jul 1996 - Sep 2009 Head of Computer Center Riyadh
    Head of Computer Center (Computer Center)
    Creating an ideal computer center from scratch.
    Creating a web portal, eServices and moving many m-Systems to e-Systems.
    Launching an awareness campaign, getting every user (staff and students) involved.
    Transferring “success stories and technologies” to sister colleges.
    Lecturer (Department of Computer Technology)
    Giving “Web Development, ICDL and Operating System” Courses.
    Internet Manager & Webmaster. (Computer Center)
    Implement college first website, in 1997.
    Implementing “Web Online College Students Result” for the first time in GOTEVOT history.
    Developing and mastering the website.
    Staff Computers Maintenance.
    Advanced Presentations Design (for web, graduation and other events).
    Training Staff on Internet Usage, Web Design,Web Development (PHP & MySQL) and other awareness programs.
    Staff Directory Database Website Development using ASP language.
    Wajihah ITS
    Mar 2004 - Present Founder Riyadh
    Project Manager
    Strategic planning upon SWAT analysis.
    Managing Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Networking and Media Departments.
    Choosing and communicating with allies.
    Outsourcing projects or project parts and coordinating with “International Partners”.
    Studying market trends and taking actions.
    Awarded from MOE (for sponsoring handicappers event), IAHS (for making documentary movie).
    Giving consolations to organizations (like: KFSH&RC, MOIA, SRPC including all of company's clients) and consultants (like: Dr. Abdullah AlMousa, Dr. Ali AlObaidy, Dr. AbdulRahman AlOrainy, Eng. Sami AlZahim and others).
    Making job interviews & recommendations for organizations (like: KFSH&RC, MCIT).
    Web Developer, Designer & Director
    PHP Programming Innovation award nominee September 2007 Number 2
    - Projects:
    Rehab Plan Website (CMS + Sales Portal + iMap (Flash + XML))
    King Saud University's Alumni Website (CMS + Portal)
    King Saud University's Knowledge Management Portal (CMS + Portal)
    Coldwell Banker Real Estates (CMS 2006)
    Dr. Bader Bin Ibrahim ES (CMS 2005)
    Expert Group - Qatar (CMS + Ajax Training Programs Sys. 2004)
    Dorrat Al-Khobar Holding (CMS + Sales Portal + Vector Navigation Sys.)
    Riyadh University (CMS + Students Portal 2004)
    Kidney Transplant – KFSHRC (CMS 2005)
    ADHD Organization (1st & only Arabic ADHD Site 2006)
    LANtech IT
    Feb 1998 - May 2004 Founding Member Riyadh
    Training on:
    Active Server Pages (ASP)
    PHP & MySQL
    Macromedia Flash
    Macromedia Dreamweaver
    Macromedia Fireworks
    Introduction to Computer
    Computer Hardware & Maintenance
    Windows & Office
    Designing Macromedia Flash & PHP training materials.
    Multimedia Designer & Project Manager
    Designing & Directing a group of 7 designers for “” MOE Educational Movies.
    Directing a group of designers in “Al-Maaloumatyiah” movie for Prince Abdullah.
    Directing a group of designers in “AMCT” movie for MOE Deputy Minister.
    Web Developer, Designer & Project Manager
    Designing, Developing & Supporting Websites for Number of Organizations, like:
    “Meh`nah” (biggest official recruiting portal in the KSA 2003)
    (CMS + Full Recruitment Portal over 50,000 Members Resumes & Jobs)
    Altawail Management Training & consulting (CMS + Training Sys. 2000)
    Al-Yamamah College (CMS 2003)
    KFSH &RC eHealth (CMS 2001)
    Arab Society for Aids Prevention (CMS 2002)
    Alsaab Housing Projects (CMS 2003)
    Alsaedan Real estate Company (CMS 2000)
    Jawharat Al-Babteen Holding Group (CMS 2004)
    Arab Sea Info Sys (Static 2001)
    Kosovo Relief (Static 1999)
    Elite Recruitment (Static 1999)
    STC IT Intranet (Static 1999)
    Alwatania Agricultural Company (Static 1999)
    Epilepsy In Arabic (1st & only Arabic Epilepsy Site) (Static 1999)
    ZAF Company
    Jul 1997 – Feb 1998 Web/Graphic Designer Riyadh
    Designing websites (using Photoshop & Frontpage 97 & NS Composer) like:
    Saudi Ceramics Company website (Changed after 2002)
    Members Trading Company (Changed after 2000)
    Saudi Computer Club (Alnadi)
    Apr 2003 - May 2003 Trainer Riyadh
    Training on Flash.
    Training on PHP
    Experiences Training Center
    Aug 2003 - Sep 2003 Trainer Riyadh
    Training on Multimedia Design Using Macromedia Flash.
    Atheeb Training Institute
    Dec 2003 - Jan 2004 Trainer Riyadh
    Training on "Creating A Dynamic Website Using PHP & MySQL".
    2006 Elearning Design, Development and Project Management (Open University Malaysia) - Kuala Lumpur.
    2005 International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Trainer - Riyadh.
    2003 Mastering MS Visual Basic 6 (Microsoft) Riyadh.
    2000 TOEFL 187 (517) TOEFL (ETS) Riyadh.
    2000 Oracle Administration & Backup & Recovery (Oracle University) Frankfort.
    1999 Hot Topics, Tools & Techniques in Project Management - Tom Peters (International Institute For Learning Inc. (Live from USA)) KFSH&RC Riyadh.
    1998 Java Systems Seminar (Sun Microsystems) Riyadh.
    1998 Visual Basic 5 (Computer Club) Riyadh.
    1995 English Course Level 4 (European Center) Riyadh.
    1989 Computer Introduction (Sakhr Club) Riyadh.
    2007 Computer Skills National Competion (as The Head of Graphics Design Trade for WorldSkills International 2007 in Japan) - Riyadh.
    2006 Best Teamwork Project Award (Open University Malaysia) - Kuala Lumpur.
    2003 Computer Club - Riyadh.
    2003 GOTEVOT Job Skill Definition Workshop for "Graphic Designer" - Riyadh.
    2003 GOTEVOT Job Skill Definition Workshop for "Web Designer" - Riyadh.
    2003 Experiences Training - Riyadh.
    2001 Ministry of Education (EACSFM) - Riyadh.
    2001 First Saudi Technical Conference & Exhibition - Riyadh.
    2000 RCT Summer Camp - Riyadh.
    Communication Skills, Customer Care & Marketing in both English and Arabic.
    English/Arabic linguistics.
    Computer: Office, *nix Shell, Dos, ASP, PHP, MySQL, Flash, Dreamweaver, Front Page, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Visio, Network Implementation, Electronic Circuits, Computer Assembling & Maintenance.
    Very Good:
    C++, Perl, Visual Basic, Oracle DBA, Oracle Developer, Cisco Networking, Intranet Management, Linux Usage, Setup & Configuration.
    AutoCAD, Linux Optimization.
    Professional Associations
    Saudi Flash Designers Association.
    IWA International Webmaster's Association "".
    WDD Web Designers Directory "".
    Saudi Epilepsy Association.
    Saudi Linux User Group (
    Operative Member
    Operative Member
    Patents and Publications
    Bariq Appliance Server:
    Member in a team of three who had invented Bariq (the first appliance server of its kind). An intranet server that supports many services (DNS, DHCP, Mail, Web, Firewall, File, Masquerading, Proxy) with very friendly interfaces in dual languages (Arabic/English).
    My part was designing the user interface (using Perl), Arabization, Testing and Marketing.
    DHTML, Java Script and AJAX:
    Revolutionized today's famous editor FCKeditor in version 1.6.
    Getting "POTM Award" (Project of The Month), for the project I was an active part of.
    Created my unique Arabic Key Stroke Listening Universal Keyboard.
    Projects using AJAX, XML, RSS and XHTML.
    Adding Support for Arabic Dynamic Text in Flash using ArGlyphs (For The FIRST TIME Ever) and contributed it to Open-Source Comunity.
    Inserting movies inside Flash (since version 4) in "AlMaloumatiah" movie was a break through.
    Have written 1st Arabic syllabuses for Flash Training.
    Articles about Flash concept of vector graphics & Flash Object Oriented Concept.
    Articles about web programming languages.
    Implemented the First CMS (Aug 1999) (using ASP, JS and MS Access) for KFSH&RC.
    That was before the very first version of PHP-Nuke (1.0) 26 Jun 2000, normally before Microsoft CMS 2002
    Created uCal Class (First open-source "Umm AlQuraa 100% compatible" Hijri/Greg Class).
    Edited many PHP open-source projects as in ArGlyphs.
    Transforming my ASP CMS to even better and high standardized version.
    Creating MOJ one of the best web-multimedia CMS.
    Created my own SQL engine that searches inside text files using SQL "SELECT" statement (test it).
    International PHP Programming Innovation award nominee September 2007 Number 2. (
    Best Teamwork Project among 7 groups. (Open University Malaysia).
    Four Stars -out of five- for designing website. (Arab World Internet Magazine Jan 1996).
    No. 2 Rank among 118,541projects ( for FCKeditor 3 to 7 Jul 2005.
    Volunteer Experience
    Was a technical-consulting member in a medical group for helping war victims in Kosovo & Bosnia.
    Designed & Hosted a website for The "Saudi Committee for Kosovo Relief".
    Handled all emails & faxes between "Saudi Red Crescent" the website.
    Training a group of volunteers on updating the website & receiving/sending emails.
    Summer Camp Courses:
    Performed Photoshop courses in summer camps in the city of Riyadh.
    Community Services Center:
    Performed some "Introduction to Computer", "Internet Introduction" & "Photoshop " classes.
    Colonies Awareness Center:
    Created a website and given consultations and training for Naseem CAC.
    Implemented a system in PHP & MySQL for a non profit social organization, that provides a free social and psychological consultation service throw an 800 phone hotline service.
    Education Riyadh College of Technology
    Jun 2004 Bachelor's Riyadh
    Bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering with GPA of (3.98 of 5).
    Riyadh College of Technology
    Apr 1995 Electronics Associates
    Diploma in Industrial Electronics & Automated Control Technology
    System Analysis.
    PHP, Ajax, JS and XHTML Programming.
    Flash Action Scripting.
    Flash Drawing.
    Handicrafts & Decoration.
    Reading Hi Tech, Computer, Electronics, Communication & Health News & Articles.
    Attending International Confrences/Lectures for IT and Managment.
    - As the Head of Computer Center at Riyadh College of Technology (Mar 2008):
    Closing 214 tickits in the first month of implementing the system after is was 4 tickits a month before my arrival to the position.
    Increasing Internet speed 13 times more.
    Creating and Supporting > 10,000 users emails & connectivity with a staff of 9.
    - Solo:
    International PHP Programming Innovation award nominee September 2007 Number 2. (
    2nd Ranked Open-Source Project among 118,541 ( for FCKeditor 3 to 7 Jul 2005.
    Getting "POTM Award" (Project of The Month), for the project I was an active part of.
    Created my unique Arabic Key Stroke Listening Universal Keyboard 1st and only on the net.
    Designing the first website for Riyadh College of Technology (and it was the first Saudi college on the net).
    Publishing students results for 1st time in RCT history. using ASP + Access DB.
    Getting recognized by macromedia as Flash First Arab Designer.
    Creating First Web-based CMS (Aug 1999)
    Inventing Bariq the first Arabic Appliance Server.
    Founding Saudi Flash Designers Association.
    Optimizing Data Structure of Dorrah project from over 50 different tables to two tables only.
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